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Giving you news of forthcoming film & television productions
UK Casting News gives you the latest, breaking, news of which UK film and television dramas are in pre-production and development.

As the casting industry becomes ever more competitive, in the search for work we know that it’s vital to get up-to-date and accurate information about forthcoming film and television productions. You can only rely so much on your own contacts and gossip, and even then, second or third-hand information is often out of date or incorrect, and therefore not much use.

Giving you real email addresses
Our research team knows that you only really want email addresses of the actual casting agent – the people who are hiring. UK Casting News gives you this.

There are, of course, various commercial providers of leads in the UK. But unlike our competitors, we don’t hit you with a vast quantity of leads about upcoming productions, where half of them only exist in someone’s imagination. Neither will we say ‘hold all contact’ or refuse to publish key email addresses, and make you try and find them. Nor will you have to wade through pages of no-budget productions to get to what you need.

UK Casting News is concise and accurate. The stuff you want to know is the stuff we’ll tell you.

Who is it for?
Our newsletters are designed to help actors who are looking for professional paid work on recognised films and TV professionals Our newsletters enable you to quickly and accurately locate and contact upcoming productions.

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